Behind the scenes

In fact this whole blog is one big behind-the-scenes-show. But for the ones who're not tired yet of seeing my face in every little corner: this is me. My name is Mariƫl, last name Smit. I'm seventeen years old and absolutely enjoying my age. My weekends are filled with going out in the nearby city Groningen and working at the local chinese restaurant. During the week I go to school. Although I have nice classmates, lovely friends and teachers with whom I have lots of fun, going to school is pretty hard for me. There's simply to much distraction - in mathematics class I rather draw the sweetest dolls than make exercises. So many things on my mind; and you'll be the lucky ones to be able to read all about it. Next to going out, working and drawing there are other things in life I like to do. Comme travelling, which I'll be doing for two months as soon as I've passed my exams. I also have a passion for fashion. I love to budget-buy original clothes and mix these in a creative way. When I've found the perfect combination, I like to make pictures of it (come and spy at me on a regular schoolday-afternoon and you'll spot me fanatically posing). For now, that's about me.

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