The start of the beginning

. Aforetime, when I was a younger kid than I am now, let's say age 10, I always made little presents for everybody in the family. Not only at birthdays, but whenever I could think of a reason for it. Cards, drawings, useless boxes, and everything overflown with love. Although, that's how they interpreted it. In reality it was just a way of exposing my creativity. Lipstick kisses, papercut hearts; all just for the sake of creativity. Nowadays I still enjoy giving my friends and family selfmade presents. The fifth of december is, for me, the highlight of the year when it comes to creativity. But that ain't enough anymore. I need to have a place to dump my stuff the rest of the year. That's why I begin blogging every now and then. With huge devotion I rush into new blog adventures when I feel the need, and then after a few weeks I completely forget about it. I'm afraid that kinda reflects my personality. But people chance, huh? At least another try won't hurt...

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