I'm so happy these days. Feels like I'm taking the lead now, I'm in control. Been to some pretty nasty parties and had fun with my dearest friends. Family's what I've missed - but that'll soon be ok. Pictures that I uploaded at facebook represent my life now - some sports, some parties, some adventure, some friends, some fashion. Love.



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Class mates

I've decided to see this blog as a sort of creative, personal place for myself where I can dump everything I want to get rid of. You could see it as an extension of my fb-page, or the digital version of my note/scrap-book. That's why there's a photo of my class - I mean, I don't think I can qualify this as an outfit-pic? It makes me laugh to see this picture, It's like I feel nostalgic while I'm still in it. Note: on the right on the ground, that's me, as you might know.


Memories: me and my niece

Ain't this a cute picture of me and my niece! It was taken at a housewarming, where we sat outside the whole evening. Lucky enough the weather was very nice. There was a little bonfire and good drinks, we had a great evening! Me and my niece can get along very well. She's got great humor, I always burst into laughing the moment I only see her, haha. No 'today-post' this time, 'cause I've been studying the whole day. Not interesting at all, I'm afraid. Despite the extra spare time, testweeks are definately the worst periods of the year. Especially the inability to go out is killing for me, because I'm quite addicted to that lately :p I would be glad when it's all over next week!

Memories: Dreamworld

I've been in so many nice places last summer. Like this waterfall, one of 'Les Cascades de Murel' in Albussac: it was just like heaven. I've swum in the cold lake and I've let the water fall down on me. That gave such a thrilling energy that I could only scream it out. Playing with all the adorable little white kids (part of my job as animator at the french campside) was also fun. I miss those sweethearts, children's smiles make my day like nothing else can.


Today: Study orienting

I've been to Amfi's open day this morning! Me and my mom got up early and drove all the way to the west to see this fashion school. I'm quite enthousiastic about it, but, so the teachers say, that's not enough! You need to be overflown with energy and enthusiasm if you really want to do this. They allready start to put pressure on me, haha! Well, I'll just think about it, and if I'd decide to do it, I'll go for it for 100%.


Today: Climbing chairs in canteen

Life ain't always interesting and funny. Today was such a day; much waiting, uninspiring lessons and tedious coversations. Nonetheless I was able to pull of a smile when Ilse made this picture of me. I really like the outfit I'm wearing, I'd even say it's the best in weeks. Casual but still interesting - exactly fits my mood nowadays. The interesting factors are my beyond cute vintage bag and the gothic tee I'm wearing (pity you can't see the wolf print on it). Casual and allmost boring is the grey blazer - I hate myself for buying such general stuff. I've seen half of my school in it already and each time I couldn't deny the desire to vanish into thin air. Hopefully my income will soon allow me to buy better stuff.


Today: Cake for the birthdaygirl

Today was the birthday of on of my dearest friends. I suprised her with balloons which she carried with her the whole day. It was such a nice sight! In break we ate the cake she had brought with her and the chocolate I gave her. We got pretty nauseous but that didn't mather; Ilse got eightteen and we were determined to throw a party! The day was completed by taking pictures of the four of us in the middle of the canteen while everybody stared at us. But that was exactly our goul: gaining attention for the birthday girl. Unfortunately they turned out to bad to show, haha. Have a happy day y'all!